Cashew is a creamy nut that has become famous worldwide. During the 16 th century, Portuguese had introduced cashew to Sri Lanka and since then it has been loved and treasured by many people for centuries. Sri Lanka, the tropical island has the ideal climate to cultivate cashew and the nuts produced here have fascinating and delicate taste above all the cashews around the world. The cashew nuts used in our products are carefully handpicked by local community farmers. They are 100% Sri Lankan origin and traditional techniques, natural ingredients and modern technology are used to produce delicate nuts. Our quality products are believed to make everyone’s life moments make special with delicacy.

  • Dehydrated Cashew

  • Burnt Cashew

  • Salted Cashew

  • Hot & Spicy Cashew

  • Cheese & onion cashew

  • Chilli Garlic Cashew


Ingredients: Natural Cashew Nuts

Available Pack Sizes

  • 200g packed in Standup Pouch
  • 250g packed in PET Bottle

No Added MSG

No Artificial Colors, Flavors & Additives

No Added Oil

No Frying

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