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What is Ceylon Cinnamon?

CEYLON CINNAMON is a highly delicious spice obtained from the inner bark of the genus Cinnamon tree. And, Sri Lanka supplies true Ceylon Cinnamon and grabs 80% of the world market. Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices in the food industry. Also, it actually has some legit health benefits.

We are a Ceylon spice exporter and wholesale/retail supplier for many countries around the world from Sri Lanka. We supply Ceylon cinnamon quills, powder & bulks and other Ceylon spices at best prices to wholesale and retail buyers.

Cinnamon was a precious spice in the west during 14th-15th centuries and it’s primary use was to preserve meat and to retard the growth of bacteria. The quest for cinnamon was a major factor which led to the exploration of the world in 15th century. By that time the real true cinnamon was produced in only one place, namely in Ceylon or Sri Lanka.

We offer a range of Cinnamon Grades. Each grade is provided either as Bale Form or Cut Form according to the requirement.

Alba Grade

Alba Cinnamon is the thinnest, most delicate and most expensive Ceylon Cinnamon grade. 6 mm is the standard maximum diameter of Alba quills. It has exceptional properties. Alba cinnamon is pricey and very limited in the market.

Mexican Grade – M4/M5

M-grade cinnamon has a gritty texture and a strong aroma. M4 & M5 grade is very similar. It has a darker hue and a larger diameter than Alba and c grade cinnamon. M5 has 15mm to 17mm diameter and M4 has 18mm to 20 mm diameter.

Continental Grade

C5 Special

C5 Special cinnamon grade is the third highest quality Ceylon Cinnamon grade. Diameter is 8mm to 9mm.


C5 grade cinnamon is sweet in taste and deep yellow in color. Diameter is 10 mm to 12 mm.


C4 Cinnamon grade is Golden brown color in appearance and 13–14 mm in diameter.

Hamburg Grade


H1 Cinnamon sticks consist of rough bark and it has a very strong flavor. Diameter size is 21-23 mm


H2 Cinnamon grade is the top-selling grade of H Cinnamon grades. This grade has a 90% of golden yellow color and good quality cinnamon sticks.

Why Ceylon (True) Cinnamon?

Ceylon Cinnamon also known as True Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) holds a special place in the flavour palettes of people across the world as it only grows in Sri Lanka. Grown in a tiny evergreen tree associated to the family Lauraceae, True Cinnamon is a native plant of Sri Lanka. The bark is paper thin, brittle, yellowish brown in colour and highly fragrant; far superior to common cinnamon varieties.

What We Offer

Cinnamon Quills

Cinnamon Powder

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We offer both conventional and organic spice products

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